Sunday, May 3, 2009

Waiting at the Segama River Crossing

My time at the Tomanggong Plantation went so quickly – and it was hard to say goodbuy to all the children with whom I had been riding the schoolbus for the past 3 days! One of the girls came up to me and gave me a drawing and a lovely letter she had written! Again I had to choke back tears!

My last afternoon I spent catching up on my notes – and a nap! Getting up every morning at 6 AM and being on the go in the heat all day did take its toll!

The Humana Coordinator Nestor, whom I had already met earlier, had come to drive Junecel, her mom and me to the teacher's meeting in Leepang and opening of the new Humana School at the IOI Plantation early the next morning. However, Nestor came by at 4 PM that afternoon to take me up to the JM Tower on the Tomanggong Plantation - named after Marianne's husband John, so I was thrilled that Nestor wanted to take me up there - it was quite a steep drive, and no easy feat with the muddy roads, but he got us up there safe and sound! Right as we reached the top it started pouring down, but soon the sudden shower passed, and we could enjoy the beautiful views.
Nestor picked me up the next morning with a fully loaded car, his wife and daughter + 3 grandkids and the teacher from the Tabin school, plus the husband of another teacher!
We drove for about 30 minutes until we reached the Segama river crossing – unfortunately the cable had broken the night before, so they were busy repairing the "ferry". Two trucks sitting on the other side had waited since the night before, forced to spend the night in their trucks! It took a good 2 ½ hours before everything was repaired, and we could finally move on, so even though we missed the opening ceremony, we would be able to make it to the following lunch and teacher's meeting in Leepang.

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