Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Last Morning At Melangking

It was hard to believe this was going to be my last day at Melangking, and as I walked down through the garden to the porch overlooking the little lake I tried to soak in the beauty and tranquility of the early morning in this beautiful place. Soon it was time for breakfast, and afterwards Mr. Wong picked me and all my stuff up, to bring me to the last school on the plantation.
It was nice to see a familiar face - the teacher, she had attended the teacher's meeting the week before, and not only had she attended, she had actually worked with the students to prepare them for my lesson! As you can see they had been busy painting the color wheel, and I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see cups filled with water and rags to clean the brushes with at every student! It made it so much easier to get the concept across, and the students did excellently - hardly any "lumpur" (mud in english) they kept their colors nice and clean, and we just had so much fun! When we were done painting and I had taken the obligatory photos of all the beautiful paintings they performed with a couple of songs for me, before I left! Do I need to tell you that again I was moved to tears, and I was sad to leave them!
Before I had time to get too emotional Mr. Wong showed up, and picked me and all my luggage up. On the way out he stopped by the plantation nursery to show me where the kids that were too young to attend school spend their day while the parents worked in the plantation. Then we drove on to Sukau where Mr. Chee joined us for lunch at a small roadside cafe, where we also met our boat driver from the previous day - he was also the village police officer!
After lunch they both took me to the jetty and waited until my boat from the lodge arrived, and while we waited we saw a water monitor, so the wildlife viewing had already begun, and made the "Goodbye" to my two dear new friends a little easier!

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