Thursday, May 14, 2009

Morning Art Classes At Sabahmas

The morning started out with an early breakfast with the other guests at the guesthouse, and Mr. Yeap stopped by to make sure I was brought down to the first school, where they eagerly awaited my arrival - they had been prepared since the previous day, and I got a fantastic welcome! They had even made little bows with "Welcome Visitor" and both the driver and I got pinned!
Then they performed for me with a couple of songs they had been rehearsing for my visit! It was just too touching! Knowing that this was my last day with the Humana children I was already getting sentimental, so I really had to hold it together! However, nothing like getting palettes and paper ready and distributed to a classful of eager children to get me right back into gear, and soon we were painting and having fun!

I had a tough schedule that morning, so as soon as we were done at this school, off I went with my driver to the next school, and we did the whole thing again, and before I knew it, it was time to say goodbye to them also!
The two teachers who had painted along with the kids also had their photo taken with their paintings under much giggling, and then they insisted we had our picture taken together under their welcome sign!
Then it was up to the guest quarters for lunch, and I discussed the possibility of doing an afternoon class with the last Sabahmas school with Mr. Yeap. They do not normally have afternoon classes on Friday, so we had to agree that it was just not possible this time around, but I had to promise I will come back again and do the class with them sometime!
I will certainly do my very best to make that happen, I wish I had had more time here at this beautiful plantation, so I could also have seen some of all the projects they have going on, not least reestablishing native plants and habitats, a project lead by a South African young woman I got to meet during lunch. I would also have liked to have the chance to chat more with Mr. Yeap, who seemed to have a lot of very progressive ideas for the future of the plantation and the education of the children. However, all good things must come to an end, and soon Faizal was there to pick me up and bring me back to the welcoming home of the Vennings!

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