Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me And Mister Orangutan!

As we got back to the lodge breakfast was served on the jetty, and we sat down, sweaty and hungry, ready for another cup of coffee. It had been a good morning, and I was sorry that my time here was so short!
I had not even had a chance to walk the boardwalk right behind the lodge - so I decided that I could spare at least 20 minutes to walk some of it, if not all. So I set off with camera and binoculars, it was still quite early so there should be a chance for some birds I thought. As I wandered along I heard lots of birds, but it was hard to see them let alone photograph them in the thick foliage. When I reached the elephant crossing I turned around and started heading back. All of a sudden there is a lot of rustling of leaves and the small trees are swaying back and forth, and to my utter amazement and surprise a big male orangutan is moving through the trees looking down at me! I gather myself and grab the camera - no need for binoculars - he is RIGHT THERE! I get a few photos, then I feel that I might be a bit too close for his comfort - I do feel a bit small and insecure, so I hesitantly walk down the boardwalk a few steps. Then I turn around, knowing that my photos probably were not that great, in my surprise and eagerness I didn't think I got them quite in focus, so I step out again, and there he is looking straight down at me making smooching sounds! I forgot what that meant in Orangutan language - come hither, or get out? So I don't reciprocate, just aim my camera and shoot! This time I feel certain that I got at least a couple of good photos, so I bid Mr. Orangutan "Good Day", and hurry down the boardwalk. I look into the lodge and on the porch to see if anyone is around so I can share the news, but nobody is there. I go to my room to get ready for departure, my heart still beating fast from the excitement of the encounter - I felt so lucky and blessed to have this experience! Just him and me in the jungle!!

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