Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Night In The Jungle With Wang Kong

When we finally got back to the lodge around 6 PM, I was really tired after a great day of bird watching – A couple of beautiful Black Squirrels were chasing each other in the trees along the boardwalk to my room, and I watched them for a bit to see if they would oblige for a photo-op, but no they were too busy having fun!   I also spotted a small family of long-tailed Macaques in a tree across the river – getting ready to settle in for the night I think! However, the activities for my day were not yet over, I was due for a nigh jungle walk – but opted for another night drive as Wang Kong was going to be the evening's guide – and I really couldn't get up the enthusiasm for donning the leech socks and the whole thought of trekking through the mud at night, since it was thundering in the distance I knew it was only a question of time before the rain would be pouring down, and packing wet, muddy clothes the next day was just not appealing!  (Of course I should have, as they saw elephants that night - and they did get drenched - oh well, one can only pack in so much adventure in a trip!)
This time we saw a few more night critters than the evening before, at least the flying squirrel actually jumped and we saw it glide to another branch,  a flying frog sat on a big leaf, and we saw a roosting jungle partridge in a tree near the lodge.  When I walked along the boardwalk back to my cottage I saw a deer come out of the bushes walking down toward the river, so that was the excitement before bedtime for me!  

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