Sunday, May 10, 2009

Getting Back To Lahad Datu

After an early morning walk with more bird-watching and taking photos of some of the amazing blooms in the area around the lodge I had breakfast and then took some time to just relax a bit in my lovely chalet, writing some notes and soaking in the jungle sounds before packing my bag and getting ready to leave Danum Valley after lunch.  
It was an even muddier drive out because of the heavy downpour the night before, but I was back in the Venning's home around 4 PM and was met with open arms and fresh coffee!  Torben, Rosalyn and the boys are just so warm and hospitable I felt right at home!  After filling each other in on the happenings, getting laundry done, etc. we went out for a nice dinner at one of their favorite local restaurants, and had a nice evening before I headed to bed, so I could be ready for my trip out to the next plantation close to Sukau, the Melangking Oil Palm Plantation where Torben assured me I would be treated royally!  The plan was to leave in the AM to be there by lunchtime, and then I would teach at the first school that afternoon, and then the 2 other schools the following days.  Since Melangking is close to the famed Kinabatangan River the plantation managers had already told Torben they would like to take me on a boat ride while I was visiting, so I could experience the wildlife along the river - and of course, I was thrilled and looked very much forward to my visit - both with the children and with the Proboscis Monkeys, and who knows what else!  There had been sightings of elephants on the plantation, so I might have a chance to catch up with them yet!

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