Thursday, May 14, 2009

Evening At Sabahmas

After finishing up with the class Mr. Yeap took me back to the guest quarters, and I had a chance to get freshened up and organized before dinner was served around 7:30 PM in the dining room just adjacent. I went outside around sunset to just soak in the nice evening air and the beautiful views with the Humana School, the mill and the surrounding landscape - there was a helicopter landing spot just outside, beyond the lawn, and everything was well-kept and a pleasure to behold.
As I wandered around I heard some rustling, and there, just beyond the lawn by the edge of the palms were about 4 Oriental Pied Hornbills! Later Mr. Yeap told me there were a group of about 14 of them hanging out there every morning and evening.
Dinner was delicious and I had company of a few other staying at the guest quarters, among them a young woman who was in charge of collecting and analyzing the palm tree leaves to judge the level and amounts of fertilizers needed - quite high-tech, and nice to see a woman doing the job! Plantations definitely seems to be mainly a man's world from what I had experienced so far!

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so beautiful place