Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Final Farewell

After a nice relaxing day in Kuching, just writing and enjoying a quiet cup of latte at my favorite café while it rained, I was ready to head back to Kuala Lumpur for a last visit with Marianne, John and Annabelle – I was looking forward to seeing them again and catch up with them, and also tell about my wonderful adventures on Borneo with the Humana kids, Orangutans and dolphins!
When I landed John's driver picked me up again, and as we pulled up to the front door Marianne was waiting with a glass of chilled white wine! How wonderful to be back again – I was just in time to keep Annabelle company and play with her dinosaurs, while Marianne took a shower after just having come back from a jog. Lynn, the nanny was on vacation, and the substitute had cancelled, on top of that there was a very contagious decease outbreak at Annabelle's school, so the school was closed! It's called Murphy's Law I believe! So Marianne had been busy keeping Annabelle entertained, trying to squeeze in a bit of time to get work done, not an easy task, as all parents of 3-year-olds know!
That evening Marianne had planned a ride for Annabelle on Pony Princess, then soccer and picnic on the big lawn at the Equestrian club in the hopes of tiring Annabelle out so she would be able to go to sleep at a reasonable hour. I went along and we had a nice time at the center, it's a pleasant time of day, as the sun sets and the air cools down just a bit!
When John came home we had a chance to catch up also, and I could tell him about my experiences on Borneo – he has spent a lot of time there himself, working with the plantations, so we had a good time talking while Marianne got Annabelle to sleep, so she could join us and we all had a lovely dinner reminiscing together.
The next morning it was time for Annabelle's swimming lesson, and I was so impressed to see how far she had come since last I saw her.
She now dove and picked up things from the bottom of the shallow end of the pool, and she swam by herself a few feet – she really was doing so well! Of course, she is a kid with spunk, so she sprayed her coach Sunny with her enormous water-gun when they were finished!
That evening we had dinner out on the lovely patio as usual, and John opened a bottle of champagne to celebrate our last evening together. It had been such a great time with them, and it was sad to think it was coming to an end, but hopefully we will see each other again soon, either in Kuala Lumpur or California!
The next morning I waved goodbye to them, and set off to catch a flight to Darwin via Singapore.
It is hard to believe that it is now 2 months since I left the States, and I only have 1 month left, which I will spend "Down Under"!

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