Sunday, May 3, 2009

Evening on the Plantation

I was taken to my guesthouse by the school bus, riding in front with three little boys – sons of plantation managers – the rest of the kids rode in the back.
I was exhausted and enjoyed a shower and a bit of rest before dinner at the clubhouse at 8 PM. However, as I was kicking my shoes off and getting ready to put my feet up and rest up, I heard little voices outside – knocking on the door – ma'am open up! I had little paparazzi outside! I opened the door and said hello, but when they asked if I would play with them I had to tell them I needed a shower and a rest. They didn't go away, and played outside my house until dark! I did come out to see the sunset, and take some photos, and I showed them how to look in my binoculars to watch some birds flying by. When the dark fell they finally went home! The next couple of days they were there every afternoon, and I got to know the little girl Nisma – she is so cute!

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