Sunday, May 3, 2009

On The Road In Tomanggong

The following morning we went out to the school in Ladang Tabin. There were 2 classrooms there, and a very nice teacher who was fairly new I was told and her sweet assistant who was a former student – the teacher had even prepared a very fine meal for us – she had been up very early in the morning to barbeque chicken and fish!

We decided to start with the classroom with the bigger kids, so they could paint while we instructed the classroom with the kindergarteners. That worked out well, and we got them all started on their paintings, and it gave the bigger kids a bit more time to paint, which they seemed to enjoy. I did as the previous day taking photos of the kids with their paintings, and we had so much fun doing that! As you can see they are not camera shy!
We packed all the supplies together again after the kids had cleaned palettes and brushes – which they did outside with enthusiasm – I never heard anyone complain or whine!

The school bus came to pick us up, and take us back to Tomanggong, so we could have a lunch break before heading out again in another direction to teach at the Tagas Estate – the teacher there was very new – it was her first day! She also had a former student from the Humana Schools as her assistant and this time the students were all in the same class room – again from Kindergarten up to 6th grade – but not quite as many kids as in the other 2 schools. When I went around to photograph the students and their paintings afterwards I was again really impressed by some of the paintings – some of these kids obviously have talent – this being their very first time painting with watercolors!

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