Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flying Low With Nestor To Sabahmas Plantation!

I was taken by boat back to the jetty in Sukau, and Nestor from Humana was already waiting for me, as he was going to bring me up to the next plantation near Lahad Datu, the Sabahmas Plantation where I was going to teach at their 4 schools, if possible - it was a push, since I only had 1 1/2 day there, but I was certainly going to try my best!
Nestor drove at neck-braking speed over bumpy roads to get us there as soon as possible as we were expected for lunch, and I think the driving time had been calculated just a tad optimistically! When we arrived I was not sure if all my intestines were in quite the same place as when we started out, but never mind, we got there safe and sound, if not quite on time!
Both Torben and Rosalyn were already there, and I was quickly introduced to everybody, including Mr. Yeap who is in charge of the Humana schools at Sabahmas and we were soon seated in the lovely dining room of their guest quarters, and a lavish and delicious lunch was served!

Afterwards my suitcase was dropped off at my room, which was lovely I might add, and off we went down to the first school where I was going to teach my art class. However, first Rosalyn and Torben had to honor the soccer players who had won the previous weekend's tournament by giving each player a pair of brand new soccer boots! (Most of the kids here play soccer with bare feet!!) It was so sweet to see how happy these boys were when they tried on their shiny, new boots!
Then I could start with my art class, and soon we were all engrossed in painting, mixing primary colors to get green, orange and purple, and then it was time to just be creative! I will never get tired of the enthusiasm and joy of these kids when they discover the joys of painting and creating! I always tell them there are 2 important rules in watercolor: #1 Clean your brushes before dipping in a new color! - #2 HAVE FUN!!
Since Torben and Rosalyn and Mr. Yeap stayed on for the class I finally have a few photos of me teaching the class, so you can see I am actually there thanks to Torben's photos!

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