Sunday, May 3, 2009

Painting with the Humana Teachers

When we arrived at Leepang we were just in time for the photo session with all the new students in front of the new school! The only "new" thing about the building was the color, but at least they had a school!

Torben gave a brief speech and then we enjoyed the potluck buffet prepared by the parents, before we started the teacher's meeting. After Torben had made his opening remarks I was on the program to demonstrate the art program I had designed for the students, and the teachers got a chance to experience it hands-on. They seemed to have as much fun as the students the previous week, and we laughed and joked as we painted, mixing colors and comparing the results. As we were wrapping up they all wanted me to sign their paintings as a momentum – I felt like a celebrity and it was so nice to see how receptive they were. Hopefully they will go back to their classrooms and teach the children what they had learned, since I will not be able to reach all the over 8000 Humana kids before I leave Borneo.

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