Thursday, April 23, 2009

Up The River By Kayak Take One

I decided there was no time like the present to explore the river, so after a quick swim in the crystal clear waters just outside the Lodge I dragged one of the small sit-on-top kayaks that Richard had told me were available for Riverview guests, and soon I paddled up the river, slowly, trying to keep my camera out of the water and looking around in amazement at the jungle that unfolded complete with the jungle chorus at full blast in the late afternoon!
I decided to rent one of the "real" ocean kayaks the next day to explore both ocean and river in a kayak where I could more easily maneuver and keep my camera out of harms way.
As the night fell clouds started to accumulate and I could hear and see a thunderstorm approaching, so I went down the beach to the closest restaurant to get some dinner before the rain started. It was a chinese place, and I had a nice simple meal with rice and spicy chicken - and soon I headed back to my cottage, to make an early night. I was tired from the trip, and the night before we had been out to a delicious dinner downtown Kuala Lumpur, with lovely views of the Petronas Towers and the water fountain - and plenty of wine!
Even though Marianne and John had been sure to sent me off with a great bottle of wine, I thought it would be nice to give my liver a chance to recuperate, so I stayed with the mineral water offered at the chinese restaurant!
I soon fell asleep to the pitter-patter of the rain on the roof and the thunder rumbling in the distance!

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