Friday, April 17, 2009

Pony Princess and Annabelle

This time the weather cooperated - no heavy afternoon rains - maybe the rainy season is finally over! So I went along with Marianne and Annabelle to the equestrian center to meet pony Princess and see Annabelle canter!!
It was a beautiful late afternoon to be outside, and it was so much fun seeing how comfortable Annabelle is around the horses, and how fond she is of pony Princess. Soon she was mounting and off to the big field with Mommy and the caretaker Rashid holding on to the bridle.
First they trotted along to warm up, and then it went at neck breaking speed galloping with Marianne and the helper running as fast as they could to keep up, while I took photos. I could hear Annabelle shouting "Faster, more power, faster!" She was quite obviously having a blast!! I predict she is taking after Marianne when it comes to horsemanship - the signs are obvious!
Marianne certainly got her exercise, the polo field is really long, and they cantered back and forth about 4 times, before it was time to trot back to the stable and give Princess kisses and hugs, as well as some nice big carrots!

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