Saturday, April 11, 2009

Over the Mountains Back to Seminyak

We thoroughly enjoyed our days at Reef Seen - I enjoyed finally getting a little more painting done, relaxed and enjoyed the slow pace and the gentle breeze from the ocean.

We went snorkeling several times a day right in front of the lodge, and took a few walks along the beach, had some very nice dinners at the more upscale resorts along the beach and just soaked up the atmosphere.

Too soon it was time to head back to Seminyak, and Tuesday morning our driver arrived to pick us up and take us back via another scenic route over the mountains. We had a new, younger driver, and he drove well, but quite a bit faster than the other Wayan (they are more or less all called Wayan, Kasuk, or Made it seems!) Driving on Bali is a trip in itself - a scary trip! There are so many motorbikes on the road - mostly loaded with up to 4 on a bike, plus various and sundry things - and they drive in and out of traffic, with no apparent rhyme or reason. Of course, they drive on the left side (most of the time), and horns are used often, it's a vital part of the rules here, it seems. From what I gather it is always the biggest car/truck who has the right of way, regardless of all other rules! I had the questionable pleasure of sitting on the front passenger seat on our way back, as Jan was not feeling well and slept on the back seat! so I got to experience the drive up close, and observed every neck-braking maneuver!

It was another beautiful route over the mountains, this time we stopped by a big, beautiful waterfall just outside the mountain town of Munduk. It was a hike of about 3/4 mile to the fall, and once there I was soaked in minutes by the spray - nice and refreshing!

On the way down the trail we saw how the coffee plants and cocoa plants grow right in the shade of taller trees along with nutmeg, vanilla, cloves and many other spices.

Later we stopped at Ngiring Ngewedang - a coffee roasting place. It was fun to see the process the coffee beans went through before enjoying a great Bali coffee overlooking the lush mountains where it was grown.
We passed by little villages and lots of fields were 
we saw carrots growing under grapevines, that grew under taller trees with crops as well - it is so incredibly lush everywhere! We saw fields of Hydrangeas growing under fruit trees, and truckloads of the flowers being brought to market - beautiful!

The next stop was the fantastic view of the 2 lakes Danau Buyan and Danau Tamblingan. After passing the lakes we joined the route we had come up the week before for the remainder of the trip back to Seminyak.

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