Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pemuteran and the Northwest Coast of Bali

We have finally reached "the other side of Bali" – up here in the sparsely populated northwestern part where the only National Park of Bali is located, and we enjoy the lack of hordes of tourists, just scattered adventurers like us, who are looking to "get away from it all". You certainly can here! I like the beauty of the place, with the lush green mountains as a backdrop to the Bali Sea with Java faintly visible on the horizon when you look north across the Pemuteran bay.
We had made reservations at Jubawa Home stay – and we found it without problems, it's right on the main road, with nice little bungalows tucked away in the garden behind the open restaurant and little reception area. There is Internet here, not wireless, but then it's ridiculous to expect fast wireless connection when you want to get away from it all! I have to remind myself of that sometimes!! So I had to trek down the road to get on line on my laptop to be able to upload my blog and photos – too slow of a connection to make the airline reservations I was working on, but at least I got my blog and emails off!
After getting settled in Jan and I walked down a little path to the beach, and checked it out – it's a nice, sandy beach in areas, even though the sand is mainly black sand, the water looked inviting, and the area is know for its great diving and snorkeling, so we set out to explore the possibilities.

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