Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinner Party With Substance

It was a beautiful evening, the sky was a pretty pink and lavender as the lights of the city started blinking against the evening sky. I was looking very much forward to an evening with our hosts and dinner guests - Torben and his lovely wife Roselyn who were in town from Borneo to visit schools in Kuala Lumpur. Torben is the director of the Humana Schools that educate more than 8000 children of the plantation workers on the big plantations on Borneo. These children would otherwise have no possibility of an education. John and Marianne are very closely involved in this wonderful project and I am so thrilled to get the chance to meet Torben and Roselyn before my visit to the schools next week. It was fascinating to hear what the schools have accomplished, and how they have grown over the years. John told about the plight of the refugee children from the former Burma, and how he and Torben are trying to find ways to help these children get a chance to get educated as well. Please check out the website for the Humana Schools to see what a wonderful program it is!

I am so grateful to get the chance to go over myself to teach an art class for the children, and you are sure to be reading all about it in the coming weeks!

Of course it was a wonderful evening, the food and wine was great as always, the company delightful and the conversation inspiring! I could not fall asleep for hours, my head was so full of all the information and ideas that had filled our discourse and I am so grateful to know great people who not only cares, but actually do something about it!

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