Monday, April 6, 2009

The People of Bali – a Tapestry

I just have to share these photos with you of various kids and adults I captured along the way – the people here are so beautiful, and all very friendly and gracious. There is the "Ex-Pats" - my beautiful cousin Liv included - the little girl on the street mimicking her Mom's offerings and prayer in front of the store - a daily ritual in Bali - and the women carrying their loads proudly on their heads - no wonder they walk so beautifully - no slouching here! and of course the girls practicing their dance at ReefSeen up in Pemuteran - all too cute for words!
Bali is a densely populated island – over 3 million people, so no wonder it is quite crowded especially in the southern parts where we started out.
Quite a few have commented on our new president – Obama is quite obviously popular here – even though they may not know much about the US they do know we have a new president and they are pleased! The Indonesians have an election of their own coming up at the end of this week – the day after we leave – which might be just as well, as it sometimes can cause some unrest, depending on how it goes. Bali is mainly Hindu, and they are worried about the emerging tendencies of the Muslim parts of Indonesia turning more towards fundamentalism.

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