Thursday, April 9, 2009

Snorkeling at Mejangan Island

We left around 8:30 am from the shore in front of Reef Seen on the dive boat, it was a beautiful morning and I headed straight for the front upper deck to enjoy the breezier and the view as we headed out towards our destination – Majangan Island, a small, uninhabited island in the Bali Sea close to the coast of Java. As we got closer to the island we dropped off Holly with her 2 Norwegian students who were in the process of getting their dive certification. The waters were crystal clear and glittering in blue and turquoise as we left the 3 divers behind. Next stop was the reef where we were going to dive or snorkel. My friend Jan and the other diver aboard got geared up and soon jumped off the boat with their dive master, and I was left with the other snorkeler – a nice lady from Canada and our snorkeling guide. Soon I was in the warm waters with mask and snorkel as well as my skins – not for keeping warm, but for keeping the sun at bay!
visibility was fabulous, and the corals and colorful fish in all shapes and forms amazing! After about 40 minutes it was time to crawl aboard again, and pick up first Jan and her dive companions, and the we headed back to the spot where we had left Holly and the Norwegians, and soon we were all aboard again, chowing down on a great lunch, so we could get energy for the afternoon diving and snorkeling adventure at the other end of the island, where there was a fantastic reef wall to explore. It was equally beautiful, and I think this was probably the best snorkeling spot I have ever experienced. The boat ride back was great with beautiful views of the northwest coast of Bali with the brilliantly green mountains rising steeply in the distance. The Canadian couple were sorry they had not worn skins, I am sure, as they had bad sunburns on the back of their legs from the afternoon snorkeling – so they opted out of joining me and Jan for the next day's visit to the national park about 8 miles to the south of Pemuteran.

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