Friday, April 10, 2009

Reef Seen Dancers

Saturday morning we woke up around 5 AM to the call from the local mosque and of course the roosters chimed in, as they did every morning! However, we managed to get a few hours more, before we got up and packed up to move over to Reef Seen. One of the guys from there came on his scooter to pick us and our suitcases up. We let him take the suitcases, but were not ready for a ride ourselves, so we walked the short 10 minutes walk over after having settled up with the girls at Jubawa Home Stay.
It was so great to be right there on the beach - cooler too, and soon were were installed in our room - it was only 11 AM, so we had the whole day to just enjoy the new surroundings.
We went snorkeling and swimming, and in the afternoon we watched as the local village girls came to practice their dance performance - it was just so precious to watch them! So sweet and graceful, and many of them really were doing a very professional job, and you could tell they took it very seriously!
That evening they were performing at the restaurant next to us, so of course we wanted to experience the "real"performance in their beautiful costumes and on a real stage. It was beautiful! Most of the guests there were Germans we learned, and in general we saw lots of Europeans on Bali - Germans, quite a few Dutch, of course, Bali being an old Dutch colony, and we ran into several Danish families as well.

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