Sunday, April 26, 2009

Out and About in Sandakan

After the orangutan visit we went in to Sandakan - famous for the 2nd Wold War Death Marches where almost 2000 mainly Australians perished. Rosalyn wanted to do a bit of shopping while she had the chance - Sandakan is quite a bit bigger than Lahad Datu, and Torben offered to drive me and the boys around for a bit of sightseeing.

The highlight was the newly erected Chinese Buddhist Temple overlooking Sandakan and the delta - beautiful views! The temple was quite big and lavish, but you had to get used to the "swastika" looking signs - for a Dane (and many others) a grim reminder of the horrors of 2nd WW - however, they are an ancient Hindu and Buddhist sign, so there you have it - Buddhism has not gone fascist!

It was late when we finally headed back toward Lahad Datu, and bolts of lightening soon flashed across the sky, and about halfway the rain started pouring down in buckets - making driving really difficult and exhausting for poor Torben. However, he handled it in fine style and got us all home safe, but tired!

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