Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kuala Lumpur High Life

The days just seem to fly by - and I am enjoying every minute! Saturday evening John invited us out for dinner at the prestigious Royal Selangor Club (the oldest club in KL) where we sat outside and had a lovely Chinese dinner enjoying the ambiance and the view.
Today I went with Marianne to the equestrian club where she keeps her price stallion Lancaster. The club is absolutely lovely with huge grounds and beautiful stables. It was fun watching Marianne work with Lancaster and her trainer on her jumps and to see how her and her horse are a team. No wonder she has won a number of prizes in competitions.
Afterwards we stopped by a bookstore to get a bird book of SE Asia and a book on the fish of the seas here. We also had time for a coffee before it was time to go to Annabelle's school to see her "Show & Tell" - Annabelle did B for Body Parts, and she had been working with Marianne and the Nanny on a life sized version of herself complete with various body parts made of felt, and with Velcro attached so she could attach them in the correct spots! She did a great job, and Marianne could relax!
After Annabelle's nap it was time for her trampoline class, and while she happily hopped we had reflexology - it was great and we almost floated up to pick Annabelle up from class!

We ended the day as always with Marianne reading stories to Annabelle before bedtime, and then a delicious dinner served on the deck overlooking Kuala Lumpur! How lucky am I!!

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