Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kuala Lumpur Revisited

I got back to Kuala Lumpur early evening - and Marianne meets me at the front door with a cold glass of white wine! She had been worried because the flight got in a bit delayed, so she wanted to make sure I didn't miss cocktail hour! It was so good to see her and Annabelle again, John was not going to be home from a business meeting until late that evening, so we had dinner and chatted about my trip and what had been going on at the house while I was gone. I was happy to hear that Annabelle's "show and tell" about the letter P for Painting had been a success!
The next morning I helped the Nanny Linn with the background for the next week's project - N for Nature, so I painted backgrounds for Desert - Jungle - Polar - Beach scenes that Linn had so cleverly designed. Then it was off to the pool with Annabelle and Marianne, and Annabelle and I had fun with some of the new toys Marianne had bought, and we practiced looking down into the water to spot various marbles, etc. Lots of fun!
In the afternoon Annabelle baked cookies for her class for the next day - and she looked like she had fun!
John came home for dinner, so I had a chance to catch up with him as well, and we had a lovely evening enjoying the warm, pleasant night on the deck. I will miss those evenings with John and Marianne!
I am getting ready for the next leg of my trip, which is Borneo, so I will fill you in as internet access allows! It should be a fantastic time visiting many of the Humana Schools - Torben has made quite an ambitious schedule for me, so I am very excited!

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