Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Stroll Down Juara Main Street

After having decided that snorkeling was not going to be part of the day, I decided to take the main street and walk down to the other end of the bay to see the turtle hatchery and see the village from that angle, as I had only walked along the beach the previous days.

As you can see from the photos I took along the way we are really talking about a very small, and refreshingly uncommercial fishing village. I came by a boy picking some unknown berries with his mother - him up in the tree - Mom down below collecting the berries - a "surf center" - and at the end of the road the turtle hatchery. On the way I passed the local mosque, and met a group of future teachers heading out to camp - they were doing some sort of survival training - and I met the blind green sea turtle Jo. She is getting a new, bigger home out in the bay, built on donations received for the project. I was so happy to learn that they were doing such a great job trying to help the green sea turtles as well as the hawksbill turtles have a better chance of surviving, and it reminded me of the ReefSeen Lodge I had stayed at on Bali - kindred spirits!

I walked back along the beach and enjoyed the quiet afternoon - took a swim and did a bit of snorkeling just off the shore - nothing spectacular, but just nice to take a look around to see what was there.
I ended the day with a bit of painting, inspired by the visit to the turtle hatchery I painted on my "Rainbow Turtle" - somehow I have turtles on my mind these days!

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