Thursday, January 29, 2009

Green Flash, River Otters and Friends

My kayak friend Jan came to visit Tuesday afternoon, and we went for a nice long walk along the Headlands - good inspiration for the painting I am working on. We went down to see the sunset and an amazing thing happened - we saw the green flash - very clearly! My first ever - pretty awesome!
Wednesday we went for a paddle on the Big River, and were joined by Cate from Liquid Fusion - we had a great afternoon paddling down the river looking at bird life and mushrooms along the banks - Cate is in to mushrooms, so that was fun!  Don't be surprised if you see me painting mushrooms in the future - they are actually quite beautiful, and there are so many varieties once you start looking at them.
Apart from the usual Buffleheads, Kingfishers, Blue Herons and Common Mergansers, we saw a small flock of Common Goldeneye and a Downy Woodpecker, but most thrilling was to see the 5 river otters again!
Wednesday evening we went down to the Mendocino Hotel with Carol to enjoy another "Cabin Fever" concert.
In between I have managed to do some painting, and have made really good progress on my Mendocino Headlands' painting - I think I might be able to finish it tomorrow, before I have to pack up my studio in preparation for my reception tomorrow evening. I also started another painting inspired of the walk I took with Jan this morning through the Russian Gulch to the waterfall. Cate had given us directions to a shortcut to the waterfall, so we could squeeze that in this morning before Jan took off and I went back to the studio.

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