Monday, January 5, 2009

Mendocino Art Center & Mac Genius

It has been a couple of busy days getting organized and settled in here at Mendocino Art Center, but everyone are so nice and accommodating that it is easy to feel right at home!

Of course in every paradise there has to be a snake - here it appeared as a crashed computer!!! Help! After spending about an hour on the phone with a kind Mac-Genius he had to give up and send me to the nearest Mac Store in Santa Rosa - that's more that 2 hours drive - one way! So, Sunday afternoon I headed East and another Genius spent a couple of hours - fixed it - almost!
So today I spent solid 3 hours on the phone with two upper-level Geniuses - and finally I am up and running again! All this high-level computer talk does nothing for my creativity, so I had to unscramble my brain, and get over in the right side of it again! I think I am almost there! I got my iPod on with some inspiring music, and the paintings I have started are beginning to develop.
I love having a big light studio to myself where I can work on large paintings without worrying about dripping paint on the floor! And it's messy when I start pouring the colors on! I am working on 2 large paintings at the moment: a Sunset/Valley painting and a Full Moon/Big Sur painting. In between I am working on various smaller paintings that needs finishing touches. I always like to have several things going, it keeps me from going back into a painting before it is dry - patience was never a virtue of mine, so this way I can control myself!
Yesterday I went for a beautiful walk out along the Headlands - it was a clear day with a brisk wind blowing - whitecaps on the ocean and seagulls riding the wind. There really is nothing more inspiring to me that nature! On the way back I saw a big flock of robins feasting on red berries having a wonderful time! Today it rained most of the day, but next time it is clear weather I have promised myself a couple of hours in the kayak with my binoculars and camera!

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