Friday, January 16, 2009

Mendocino Days Fly By

The last few days have been so beautiful up here, like summer!  I have been busy painting, and have made some good progress, now I am almost finished with both of my large paintings, just a few more adjustments, and they are ready to be mounted.  In between I have worked on a number of smaller paintings for the upcoming new exhibits at Gallery at 417 and Le Beau Soleil.
The sunsets here have been fantastic - as you can see from the photos - I even managed to get a whale spout in one of my sunset photos!  It is amazing to see how many whales are passing by the Headlands here, I don't have to spend many minutes looking out over the blue waters before I spot spouts at any time of day!
My daughter Janicke came yesterday to spend the weekend with me here, so today we are going to enjoy the beautiful weather before it changes and explore Mendocino.

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