Monday, January 12, 2009

Big River Reflections

Today was a gorgeous day - warm, sunny, not much wind so I took some time out to kayak Big River again, this time going quite a bit further up the river in the hopes of finding the River Otters I knew inhabits this river. 

After about 2 hours paddle and crossing through at least 4 kingfisher territories, it was time to turn around and ride the current back to my launch spot.  Shortly after turning around I suddenly spot a small river otter quietly swimming ahead of me, and soon thereafter I see 4 more otters who are busy getting in and out of the river with their catch, and I can hear them chattering as they are munching on the small fish they caught, not paying much attention to me in my blue kayak as I quietly glide by on the tide snapping photos of them. What a treat!
It was such a lovely day on the river, I enjoyed the peace and quiet, and the many colors of green of the surrounding forest reflected in the green of the river.  Sounds of trickling little creeks running down the hillsides and joining the river's journey towards the ocean. 

I ended the day by going down to the Headlands to see the sun set in the ocean painting the sky orange, then pink and lavender as dusk settled on Mendocino.

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kimlarsonbridal said...

Hi Eva-

What adventures you're having-wow! I'm impressed by your openness and independence.

Your work is amazing. It great seeing the progressive photos.

Happy trails! Love,