Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Art on the Noyo River

It's been a couple of really busy days, and I have not had a chance to fill you in yet, but tonight I will sit down and recap.  For right now I just had to share with you a couple of beautiful images from the Noyo River where I celebrated the Inauguration yesterday afternoon in good (and beautiful) company of some very special birds!!  I spotted a Green Teal duck quietly swimming along the shore, and a beautiful Harlequin Duck had joined the Bufflehead - suddenly I saw the rust-red flash of his side, and quickly and quietly got my camera in position - he obliged by giving me the opportunity for a few good shots. Even the Kingfisher was more cooperative, and I managed to get close enough to get a decent photo of him.
The morning had been spent watching the Inauguration at the Mendocino High School - a very fitting place I think, and great to see the young people being so involved and excited!  A very good sign to see the youth fired up and excited about their country - as one girl said to me:  "I am so excited that now it is Okay to be patriotic and proud to be an American and wave our flag - for so long it felt like it was something I had to be ashamed of!"  Out of the mouthes of babes!  It gave me goose bumps to hear a teenage girl say that!

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Cate said...

Ahhh . . . I see you met Cate's odd duck. (The solo Harlequin on the Noyo River). Did you get to hear his rubber ducky squeaky voice? Some of my thoughts on him and the Noyo -