Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Painting and Kayaking

Yesterday it turned out to be a beautiful day, not the rainy day the weather forecast predicted, so I decided to fulfill my promise to myself to go kayaking when the weather was nice! So after painting in the morning I grabbed a quick lunch, before I packed up my gear and drove the short way to the mouth of Big River SP. After launching I got my camera and binoculars out, and spent a couple of peaceful hours paddling up the river, enjoying the peace and tranquility. I got a few good photos of some of the birdlife, and returned to the Art Center refreshed and invigorated!

I painted for a couple of hours in the late afternoon, and make some progress on my two large paintings, as well as a couple of smaller ones I am working on, before I called it a day - and a good one at that!
In the evening I had my collegue Carol over for a glass of wine and a quick pasta dinner and some good conversation.
Today I painted all day, and I have finished my "Dancing with Waves II", and my two large paintings are really taking shape now - so I am looking forward to continuing tomorrow!

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