Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Walking from Calzadilla de la Cueza to San Nicholás del Real Camino

Today I had decided to walk to San Nicholás and do my laundry in a washing machine and dryer, so I could be relatively sure that there was no possibility of any eggs of bugs surviving, should I have any. I chose the longer route again, because it was away from the road, and much more scenic. Along the way I met several of the people I had been seeing the last few days, and I also met a couple of new people, among them a girl from Hungary.
The private albergue was lovely, the hospitalieros were very friendly, and most importantly there was a washing machine and a dryer, so I could finally wash all my clothes, including sleeping bag in very hot water, and then tumble dry everything hot, just in case any bedbugs or other critters had laid any eggs in my stuff!
Outside there was a lovely garden, and Susan from Canada was there as well, so we had a glass of Vino Rosado, enjoying the afternoon and the lovely spot we had found in this lonely part of the route across the Meseta. A bit later we were joined by Frederik from Holland - she was a new face - and the 3 of us were in the same room. In the next room were 2 Brazilian sisters, who spoke very little English, but I knew I had seen them before. Later a French couple from Bretagne came, and they got their own room, finally a German guy also arrived at the albergue. All 8 of us had dinner together, and somehow we managed to have a very lively evening with lots of conversation in many languages! - I am sure this international evening will be a treasured memory for all of us!

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