Monday, November 2, 2009

From Belorado to Villa Franca Monte del Oca

We got up fairly late this morning - amazingly no one got up and turned on lights or made lots of noise packing up!
I had had a fairly sleppless night due to incessant itching on my hands - mainly my hands, but not only my hands! When Dorte helped me look, we could see my whole upper back was full of a rash also, so we decided it must be an allergic reaction to something, but what? I had bites or rashes on neck, face, cheeks, both arms and the top of my back, not to mention my hands! It's good to have a sister along who is also a medical doctor, and thus has a well-equipped first aid kit! She prescriped some antihistamine tablets, and soon it eased the terrible itching. - We decided to try and find a place for morning coffee and bocadillos in Belorado, and at the outskirts we lucked out! Then we set of on the trail, which thankfully was at least somewhat away from the N120 highway, which was busy with Monday morning traffic.
We walked through several small, deserted villages with nothing open, but finally in the one before Villa Franca we found an open bar, so we were refreshed and ready to make the final trek of about 3.7 km. We got a bunk at the albergue which was part of the new, 3-star hotel, built by a former pilgrim, who had wanted to give something back, so he built an albergue behind his fancy hotel!
We got in just as it started raining, so we really lucked out! Not so the Norwegian couple we had noticed the night before - they came in about half an hour after us, dripping wet!
The hotel was very elegant, but cold, so after shower and laundry I crept into my sleeping bag and slept for a couple of hours, catching up on my sleep! I had felt a bit slugging because of the antihistamine, so the next one I would take at night, not in the morning!
After I woke up Dorte and I went out to find a local bar, to warm up with a glass of wine, enjoying the atmosphere in the bar with was brimming with locals, pilgrims, and of course, lots of smoke and the television blaring as in most every Spanish bar or café!

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