Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From San Nicholás to Sahagún

After a good night's sleep I said "Buen Camino" to my new friends as we finished up our cafés and croissants - I headed out along the track which followed the highway for quite a while, before leaving the noise behind as the distance between road and Camino widened.
The next few miles went quickly, and after crossing over a little bridge by the ruins of Virgen del Puente Sahagun became increasingly more visible, and the Camino entered it through the rather unappealing industrial part, before I reached the old part of town.
I had toyed with the idea of stopping in Sahagún, catch up on my blog, and then take the bus to Léon from here.
It is a very unappealing stretch of the Camino from Sahagun to Leon, running right next to the busy road. - I stopped at the first cafe to use the restroom, have a coffee, and use their Internet, while I pondered what to do.
- My right toe was bothering me, and when I took the boot and sock off, I could see why - a blister! I was surprised from just such a short walk, and the weather was not even hot! I am sure all the walking on paved roads had not helped matters, and I took it as a sign to stop for the day.
The decision made I wandered on through town to find where the albergue was, and then locate the bus stop, and make sure there would be a bus to Leon tomorrow, even though it would be Saturday.
I ran in to Susan, as she was heading out of town, and we walked a bit together, then said our goodbyes, as we probably wouldn't see each other again - she was getting close to her final days, and would be flying back to Canada next week.
I found the bus stop, then went back to the municipal albergue and got a bed, showered and did laundry, and then went online to at least post a couple more entries to my blog. Then I found a place to load more minutes on to my cell phone, and later I tried to call Janicke to wish her Happy Birthday, but had to leave her a message. I went back online at another Cybercafé, before it was time for dinner. It's so funny, yesterday lots of company, and today everybody have moved on, and it is all new faces - but a little solitude is good sometimes, and I know soon some of the new faces will become familiar faces. It's the way of the Camino, like life.

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