Friday, November 13, 2009

O Cebreiro to Triacastela

I woke up around 7:30 AM, and enjoyed the peace, took my time getting out of bed. I loved getting ready in peace and quiet, before I got out on the path after having enjoyed a café con leche at the café.
It was a beautiful morning, and I enjoyed walking again, feeling fresh and rested! I stopped at Alto de Poio for orange juice, and then walked on through little forlorn hamlets where the cows definitely seemed to be in the majority - it smelled accordingly! Since none of them seemed the least bit inviting, I ended up walking all the way to Triacastela, well over 20 km.
I was beat, and my feet were really sore by the time I reached the albergue "Refugio de Oribio" around 3:30 PM. I got a bed, bath, did laundry, tried the internet - extremely slow, and I met another Canadian - David, who gave me a nice ice cold soda, so I traded him the last 10 minutes I had left on the computer - it was so slow I had no more patience for it.
After that I went out to find a supermarket and a pharmacy, to get tooth paste and a few other things I needed resupplies of, and then I rested until it was time to find a place for dinner.
As I walked in to the main street, I saw a nice-looking restaurant with a pilgrim's menu according to the sign outside, so I went in, and there was Spanish Pilar and her new Japanese Camino friend. They invited me to join them and we had a delightful evening together! It was so nice to see Pilar again! She was doing so much better, because she is walking at her own pace, and not at that of her friends with whom she walked in the beginning.

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