Friday, November 13, 2009

Mercadoiro via Portomarin to Eirexe

I slept in a bit, then got myself packed up and left along with Kate, as one of the last ones out. It was a quiet morning with a light cloud cover, and after a cup of café con leche and toast I started along the path, hoping to make it to Eirexe as previously planned, even though I had stopped short of Portomarin by about 5 km.
- I enjoyed the quiet day, and many thoughts ran through my mind - probably partly digesting the thought-provoking conversations with Vihar the previous day.
Kate, the 2 German ladies ans I met several times along the way, when we stopped to rest, and as usual the birds kept me company as I walked along the lovely pathways through numerous forlorn - and smelly - hamlets.
Portomarin was not that attractive, it was a new town, mostly, and I was happy I had stopped at the lovely albergue in Mercadoiro!
My feet were getting tired, so I was really happy to see the small albergue coming up as I walked in to Eirexe, and saw Nina waving to me! - There was still plenty of room at the albergue, so I got settled, showered, etc. - It looked like imminent rain, so I was so happy they had a dryer at the albergue, and threw in my sleeping bag and clean clothes as well, just to do a little de-bugging, to be on the safe side! I had a couple of new, very itchy bites on my hands!!
- At the dorm I saw the 2 Canadians ladies and met Inge from Germany again, we had met a few days earlier, briefly. There was a Danish mother and daughter who walked in just after me. The daughter, who was just 18 years old, wanted to walk on to the next town, but her mom wanted to stay here for the night, so she joined the rest of us later for dinner, and we had a really nice evening with good food, and lots of wine! In other words - the usual!

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