Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Castrojeriz to Boadilla del Camino

I walked out in the foggy pre-dawn, and just as I left Castrojeriz the church bells struck 8 AM. It was a long, uphill walk to the top of a big hill - and there were Spanish "Camino angels" with coffee, fruits, etc. - donativo - very nice! - Just before I reached them, I had enjoyed watching a little flock of what I later found out were Red-legged Partridges in the stubble of the harvested wheat fields. There were empty fields as far as I could see - this was really the Meseta - lonely and barren, with it's own beauty. The sun started to break through as I went down the hill, then up another, smaller hill.
I passed by hospital de San Nicholas - a beautiful small refugio right by the bridge over the river Pisuega. I went on and had coffee and a bocadillo in the next small village of Itero de la Veja.
After another lonely 8 km I reached Boadilla and found the beautiful albergue David had mentioned the night before. It was right by the church of Santa Maria, and from the outside it didn't look like much, but once you walked through the old gate it's like an oasis in the middle of this lonely part of Spain. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and as I went in to check in, I was told by the very kind and charming wardens to just take it easy, shower, etc. and then come over to check in and pay for the night - no need to rush! How nice a welcome! The grounds were beautiful, including a little wading pool with cold water - perfect for a foot soak to cool-off those hot weary feet.
My rash or whatever it was, was acting up again, so I treated myself to the luxury of having my laundry done in the washing machine! Dinner was delicious, but my hands and arms were getting worse and the itching did not ease much, even after taking the antihistamine. I didn't sleep well, and got up late, so I had to scramble to get packed up to go. I talked with Eduardo, one of the wardens and he said he thought it was bedbug bites, and I should get treatment! Yikes!

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