Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sahagún to León By Bus

I had made my decision, and took the morning bus to León. It was a cold morning, and it was a long wait for the bus, so I got chilled, along with 3 Koreans, who tried staying warm by practicing Tai Chi. Finally the bus came, and I paid 4.70 Euros for a one-way to León.
The bus pretty much followed the same way as the Camino, so all the way to León I could see the Camino - and I was happy with my decision, because I could see the stretch I missed, and it was all along the road!
We even stopped at the couple of villages I would have walked through, and when we reached León I was happy to have the whole day to explore this beautiful city!
There was a festival going on in León that weekend, and the streets were full of people, many of them dressed very stylishly.
All sorts of markets were going on at the plazas, and people were dressed in Medieval costumes, plays were performed, and it was all very festive.
After checking in to the historic Albergue "Madres Benedictinas", in the Convento Santa Maria de las Carbajales a converted convent close to the center of the old town, I went out and viewed the beautiful Gothic Cathedral from the 13th century with it's absolutely gorgeous stained glass windows.
I spent the afternoon wandering around in all the little streets bustling with life, checked out the markets, and just enjoyed the scenery and the splendor of this lovely city!
Of the big cities I have passed through so far, this was no doubt my favorite! The whole old part of León has been made into pedestrian areas, so it was wonderful to be able to walk around without watching out for traffic, and there was a great atmosphere. The afternoon and evening was sunny and warm, perfect weather to sit out at one of the many outdoor cafés and just watch people go by.
The albergue was very comfortable and friendly, even though it was big. Luckily it was not very full, so there was lots of available beds, and they had divided the dorms into a women's dorm and a men's dorm, so it made dressing and showering so much more comfortable.

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