Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Frómista to Carrión de los Condes

I felt much better after a good night's sleep - the treatment was working, and I had no new bites, so I felt relatively sure at least I was not carrying any unwanted critters in my backpack or sleeping bag. I set out just before 8 AM and walked the alternative route along the river, it was a bit longer, but much prettier, and not on paved road. For a short while I walked with Franz from Bavaria - I had met him last night having dinner next to Susan and me.
The weather was pleasant, sunny, some clouds and a cool breeze from behind, as good as you can hope for here on the Meseta, which is usually unbearably hot or freezing cold!
I enjoyed the walk, especially as long as the path went along the river. Before Villalcázar de Cirga the road markings were a bit unclear, but I found my way in to the village and had an ice cream, and went in to see the 13th century Gothic church of Santa Maria la Blanca, which is a national monument, and very beautiful.
After Villalcázar the path went along the road for the last 5.5 km to Carrión, where I got a bottom bunk in the nice, well-equipped municipal albergue. I went out to find a supermarket after my shower, but I ran in to Franz and a young German girl I had met along the trail today, and her and I went on to find the supermarket together, after chatting a bit with Franz. Along the road we came across Susan, and after the supermarket I joined Susan for a drink, before I went back to the albergue, and then to dinner. I ran in to the Norwegian couple Sven and Lita, as I was looking for the restaurant with the pilgrim's menu, so we had dinner together, which was nice.

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