Saturday, March 21, 2009

Waking up in Bali

I had a nice afternoon in Singapore taking the free tour, and even though it was raining so we could not get out of the bus, it was interesting to get a bit of Singapore's history refreshed and seeing some of the historic places.
The flight to Bali was a couple of hours delayed - so I got in around midnight. As I was entering the customs area I saw a man with my name as Liv had promised, and in no time I was wisked past immigration, my luggage arrived soon after, and through customs we zoomed - I think I was the first out! Not bad being treated as a VIP!!! It was wonderful to see Liv again, it's been about 3 years I think! She of course, looks just like her beautiful self!
Soon we were on our way as Liv skilfully maneuvered the bumpy roads in the dark!
Even though it was late and we were both tired we ended up sitting in her cozy livingroom over a cold drink and chatted and cought up, before we went to bed around 3 AM.
This morning we woke up to bells & chatter and stumbled out of bed to see a procession go by - so far I have seen 4 processions this morning! From what I understand that is a part of daily life in Bali!

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