Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nyepi - New Year Balinese Style

My friend Jan arrived Monday afternoon, and I picked her up in the airport with a taxi - all be it a bit late, because the roads were crowded as the down-town areas were closed due to processions in anticipation of Nyepi - the Balinese New Year, which I was told was quite a serious matter.
We got back to the hotel I had booked and Jan and I settled in, and went over to my cousin Liv's house to visit one of her Danish friends who happened to live right around the corner! We had drinks and enjoyed visiting - as it turned out, we were going to cat-sit during Nyepi for John, as he had to leave for a business trip, and during Nyepi nobody is allowed out for 36 hours, so Liv would not be able to tend to her cats and John's, so we lucked out! Instead of being cooped up in a hotel room, we were going to enjoy a nice villa with a big wall around, air conditioning and a pool!! We spent a quiet day reading, emailing, a bit of painting and the day before we had shopped at the Bali Deli, so we were well-stocked and had breakfast, lunch and dinner - loads of wine and just enjoyed being. Before we went to bed we slid into the pool for a night swim - very quietly - and the stars were amazing! The whole island being in the dark combined with the new moon made for a starry sky unlike any I have seen!
Early in the morning i awoke to thunder and lightening, and I could hear the rain just pouring down in bucket, but when we got up it was another sunny, hot day.

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