Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day's Work In Bali

My first day in Bali was spent shadowing my cousin Liv as she whisked me expertly through the narrow streets of Seminyak to get to the house she is renovating. The heat and humidity is slowing me down, it will surely take a while to get used to! I enjoyed seeing Liv instruct the workers in balinese - such a completely different language, nothing sounds the least bit familiar! She is pretty much taking the whole house apart and redoing it, and once finished it is going to be quite amazing. There are green fields around it, a little creek, and as every place here, a small temple just outside the wall of her back yard.
Later we drive to the newly opened hardware store similar to a Home Depot to check out tiles for the floor and pick up various shades for the outside paint. As always Liv has a clear vision of what she wants!
Then we proceed to check out a couple of hotels for Jan's arrival tomorrow, and settle on a small, cozy place owned by an Aussie in a quiet part of town, but still walking distance to the beach. Then we stop by a hotel and restaurant on the beach where Liv has designed the lobby, restaurant and big outside patio - everything right down to the napkins! It is still a work in progress, but I am truly impressed at her keen eye for details and style!
As we are driving through the narrow streets I am amazed at how many shops line the streets - seemingly endless! Fashion, home decor, jewelry, etc. Mopeds and cars everywhere, it really takes guts to drive here! I did read in my Lonely Planet guide that Seminyak is the happening place here on Bali with endless shopping, and I can only confirm that's exactly what it looks like. I am looking forward to experience the more laid-back Bali when we venture up north and inland in a few days!
We end the day down by the beach at a nice little restaurant and soak in the sunset and a well-deserved ice-cold ginger vodka concoction! Indeed a full day and I go to bed as soon as we get home, and soon I am fast asleep in Liv's big, cozy bed with the AC on to get me through the night!

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