Friday, March 20, 2009

Thoughts at Changi Airport, Singapore

Well, it has been a while since I had a chance to post last - life went too fast, and now I will try to catch up. I am bound and determined to learn to slow down!
Right now I am sitting at the Singapore airport transit area after a long trip.
Everything went smooth - not a given in these times! I started out from Reno via SFO - Hong Kong - arrived in Singapore late last night after 26 hours travel. All flights on time!!!
I am taking today for my soul to catch up with me!
Singapore is probably the best airport in the world, (even better than Copenhagen, which is one of my favorite airports).
I knew it would be a grueling trip, so I made reservations at the Transit hotel here in Singapore, to give myself a good night's sleep and a day to rest, before I fly on to Bali tonight. It is a bit of an extra expense, but well worth the less than $100 for 12 hours in a very nice hotel room right here in the Transit area. I could walk straight from the gate to the hotel, my luggage will (hopefully) be automatically transferred to my Bali flight, so no need to go through customs or immigrations here, just straight to bed! I slept until about 8 AM Singapore time, got up and went down the escalator to get a Starbuck coffee and went back to bed for a couple of hours! Took a soak in the tub, and now I am getting ready to take advantage of the free 2-hour bus tour of the major sights in Singapore before I board my flight to Bali - only about a 3-hour flight, so no biggie!
My cousin Liv emailed me that she is sending in a VIP-guy to get me through the Bali Customs and Immigrations area in record-time, and she will be picking me up at the airport, so I am feeling very special!

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Cate said...

Love the sunflower and koi photos. Glad that you are blogging again. I hope to hear about whales and Mexico.