Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blessings in Ubud

We arrived in Ubud on Friday after Nyupi, and we love it here - it is much more relaxed, and everything worked out beautifully! The driver we had hired a few days earlier showed up as promised - we were a bit uncertain if we had explained correctly how he would find us, but there he was at 9 AM on Liv's little bumpy road! We have noticed that the Balinese we have dealt with so far are very punctual, not to mention extremely friendly! Our driver Wayan had brought his little daughter along - it's a school holiday, and we drove through village after village on the way to Ubud, and stopped at a couple of places - the villages specialize in various crafts, so we saw a big jewelry workshop and a wood carving gallery and an art gallery on the way.
We arrived at Ubud Inn which Liv had recommended, and they had room for us, so we were installed and settled in by lunchtime. Jan didn't feel well, so she napped and I walked around a bit, found an internet cafe right across from the Ubud Inn, and enjoyed the feel of Ubud!
That night we went to dinner at the lovely Lotus Cafe overlooking the lotus pond and temple - on the way back to our hotel we stopped and watched a traditional Barong dance performance for a bit, before we headed for bed.
The next morning we walked to a temple as we followed the locals, who were dressed up and many of the women were carrying their baskets with blessings on their heads. We bought a couple of sarongs so we could dress properly for the temple and went in with a group to partake in the prayers and receive the blessings - it was truly a wonderful and exotic experience to be part of it!

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Wahya said...

Bali has many unique culture. That the way Balinese people to keep this world stable.