Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chasing Birds In Kakadu National Park

I was packed and ready to join the bird-watching tour at 6:30 am, so I walked the block over to the pickup point with my backpack, got a cup of latte, and soon my guide Luke showed up.
We said our "hello's" and drove out of town, to pick up the 2 other participants. I was happy to find out that we would only be 3 guests and Luke, who had been guiding in the Northern Territory for 8 years!
We were soon on our way after picking up Sally and John, avid bird watchers from England. As we headed down the Stuart Hwy towards Kakadu NP Luke gave us a brief overview of the plan for the day - stop by a couple of good birding spots, and then do a boat trip in the afternoon down the Mary River Wetlands. Then on to take the Murdudjurl Cultural Tour, before we drive to our camp on the aboriginal land at Murdudjurl Billabong. But I am getting ahead of myself, because as we drove along, of course, birds fly and off the road we go, stop the car, out we jump binoculars ready, to try to find the elusive bird of the moment!
I am happy to report that I finally found myself among like-minded souls, who will pull of the road at the glimpse of a bird!
Well, meandering down the Stuart Highway in this fashion was delightful, if not fast, and it seemed like every few minutes another fascinating bird showed up - so needless to say, we made numerous stops along the way, and before we knew it, we had to hurry to make our 3 o'clock boat-ride on the Mary River!

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