Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting to France

The last few days before my departure for the Camino adventure were hectic - trying to tie up all loose ends, squeezing in a few more hikes with fully loaded backpack, and trying to remember everything I might need. Well, somehow I think I remembered all the important parts, and early monday morning Janicke took me to the Reno airport, and my travels begun! Reno, via Denver, Toronto, then on to Madrid. Everything was on time, even though I almost missed my plane out of Denver - due to me being engrossed in reading! In Madrid airport I had to repack my suitcase, and pack my backpack with all the stuff I needed for the next 2 months hiking the Camino, so I tried to remember everything, before I stored my suitcase in a big locker. Then I took a taxi to my hotel in Madrid, right by the train station, where my train for Irun would leave at 8 AM the next morning. After checking in, I took a much-needed nap, before I walked across the street to familiarize myself with the train station, and find the gate from which my train would leave, and then my next task was to get a SIM card for my cell phone. That accomplished, I bought a baguette with cheese and ham, and a small bottle of redwine, and called it early dinner! I went to bed early, so I would be ready to get up early to catch my train.
The train ride went smooth, the train was on time, and very new and clean, it had a cafeteria, so I could get my cafe latte and a baguette, and by 2 PM I was in Irun, on the French-Spanish border, and Erik´s uncle was there to pick me up!
I enjoyed meeting his wife and her kids, and we had a lovely evening with the whole family and a few friends, converstion flying across the table in French, Spanish and English!

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