Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching Up And Settling In

I am finally at a point after my return from my 3-months trip where I can at least take a few minutes out to catch you up on what has been going on since I came home mid-June - and now we have end-July!!

I just read my thoughts while I was on my way out at Shangi Airport at the beginning of my trip - something about being determined to learn to slow down!!! Well, looking back on the month+ I have now been back, I guess I really have not learned that at all!!!

I hit the ground running with a yard-sale the first weekend after I came home to my "new" home here at Janicke and Erik's house in Truckee. I sold a few things and made some good connections, and before I knew it I was part of the "First Friday" art-show in downtown Truckee, and promoted my new workshops which I got the green light to put on here in Glenshire at the Clubhouse Gazebo.
I did my first "real" weekend art-show at Lavender Ridge in Reno "Purple Summer" 3rd annual festival - it went well, and I made new friends and got several leads on what galleries to pursue here in the area, so that's on my agenda for the next few weeks. I got more students for my workshops, and the kick-off this past Monday was a success! I have even had to put on an extra class tomorrow, so that's fantastic!

I have been to Monterey to pick up paintings from the galleries there, and had a chance to visit with all my dear friends, and drop off a commission painting - my client liked it so well that she gave me another commission, which I have just finished.
After spending July 4th with Janicke and Erik here in Truckee, I took off for Mendocino to visit with my new friends from my time at the Mendocino Art Center, and I had a fantastic time staying in Sharon and Mitch's lovely cottage in the redwoods, in exchange for a "Story Painting" workshop with Sharon and Carol - we had a blast! I got accepted to a 4-months residency at Mendocino Art Center starting in January, so I am looking very much forward to spending some quality time painting up there again!
With all my paintings now gathered here, my poor storage space is packed to the max! I got to find at least one gallery before I head off for the Camino trails! Which of course demands lots of long walks here in the mountains, so I can be in decent shape before I set out on the 500 miles trek across Northern Spain! I have had a chance to paddle with my neighbor across the street, Julie, nice to have a lake just 10 minutes from the house!
The front and back yard at the house here needed some serious weeding, so when I needed to clear my head I pulled thistles and other stubborn weeds, so now the yard actually looks presentable! When I sit here and add up all the things I have been doing, it's no wonder time is flying by!

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