Friday, April 23, 2010

Wrapping up in Mendocino

Spring is supposed to be here - and it has shown it's lovely face a few days, but April is proving to be both as unpredictable, wet, cold and windy as ever! Lots of days spent here in my little studio apartment painting while the elements rage outside and I can hear the surf pounding, even though I am about 1/3 mile from the ocean. In other words, no kayaking since my paddling buddy Jan came up to visit from Monterey at the end of March! However, a good walk every morning along the headlands with my friend Sharon, rain or shine! We have been persistent, and gotten drenched and blown about more than once! Since walking the Camino a bit of rain or wind doesn't stop me, and Sharon is not afraid of a bit of rain either!

I have finished several projects over the last few weeks - I finished and had my presentation of my Camino DVD at the Mendocino Recreation Center - it went really well, so I am planning on making a couple more about my other travels.

I finished writing and layout of my first book. It is a fairy tale "Princess Annabelle's Adventures" for my little Danish Princess Annabelle in Kuala Lumpur - I just got word that she received it - and loved it! It inspires me to think about new tales to write and illustrate! I have decided that if I have a niche in the children's book world it will be telling fun tales, nothing scary or spooky, nothing lecturing; but just fun and magic tales where the world is beautiful and people are kind! I think we need a break from all the disasters, it is a scary world we live in on so many levels!

A few weeks ago I painted on ceramic pitchers for a fund raiser here at the art center - what fun that was - the auction is next week, so I am curious to see how they are received! Earlier this week I made ceramic sake cups with some of the ceramist here for another fund raiser, so I have definitely been stretching myself as far as exploring new media. Watercolor is still my first love!

I took a weekend workshop here last weekend, learning to paint mandalas in watercolor - it is a bit like painting meditation - and I had a wonderful time ! So now I have added another painting style to my repertoire. Included in the class was a personal, natal chart - and I must say, I was blown away by how right on it was! According to the stars and planets, I am on the right track trying to switch my career from weddings to the creative, painting and teaching workshops, integrating it with travels and writing! So onwards and upwards I go, following my star - one step at the time, like the Camino.

I think it is one of the most important lessons I learned walking the Camino - that even the most daunting task is possible, one step at the time. - When you start out knowing your destination is 500 miles away, it seems impossible; but if you just take it step by step, and set yourself a goal for the day, it is very doable.

Today I have exactly one week left here in Mendocino, before I return to Truckee. I am looking very much forward to going home; but amazed at how quickly the time went, especially these last few weeks.

I will be hitting the ground running, as I have several exhibits coming up, so I am already busy planning what paintings go where, etc. I finally got my inventory computerized, and now have everything numbered and catalogued - a huge project, since I have well over 200 paintings!! This summer I will be doing the art festival circuit, so hopefully the inventory will shrink by the end of summer! In the meantime I have opened shop on Etzy - do check it out!

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