Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Update from Mendocino

This past weekend my daughter Janicke and Otis - my beloved "Grand Poodle" came to visit, and get me a bit out and about! We went to Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, walks along the ocean, dinner in Mendocino, and watched the ice skating from the Olympics, which I had missed.
I am turning in to a painting recluse, I am afraid, but it suits me for the time being. I think and breathe painting day and night - if I am not painting, wandering around looking at my paintings in progress - I am reading about painting, or watching a DVD about painting! Some days I feel I get absolutely nowhere, and others I finish several paintings I am actually happy with. Today was such a day - it feels good, and maybe all the studying is paying of?
I always tell my students there is only one way to learn to paint - and that is to paint - so I am following my own advice.
Now back to the paint brushes!

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