Monday, October 5, 2009

Los Arcos to Viana

I started out around 7:30 am with the intent to making it to Viana - about 18 km, so a respectable distance after my short days. - I felt good, and it was another beautiful morning. - The first town Sansol had nothing open, so I walked on and soon Rio del Torres appeared in the distance - soon I was seated and enjoying a cafè con leche and a bocadillo outside the local cafe with other pilgrims enjoying the cameraderie among us. At one of the other tables a Spanish guy was rude to the waitress, and we all were horrified, those who spoke Spanish told him off, and tried to calm him down. After he left the pleasant conversation continued sharing stories from our Camino experiences. We were discussing the morning rush we had all experienced. A German lady Doro came with a perfect remark: "Wir sind ja nicht auf der Flucht". Translates to "We are not fleeing for Pete´s sake!" Oh so true! This mad rush some people have to get out the door at the crack of dawn is really annoying, and I ask myself why? It does not get light here until around 8 am, and it´s really hard to see the way markers in the dark, not to mention the uneven pathways!
Later as I was happily walking along, one of the guys who had sat at the table passed me saying; "Auf der Flucht!" Funny!
My knees were doing well, I felt strong - glad I gave them the rest, and feeling I am getting stronger! Along the way I passed through a few villages, and I especially enjoyed the little octagonal romanesque church of Santo Sepulcro in Rio del Torres. When I got in to Viana I found they were having some sort of festival involving running bulls - along the Camino!! Not wanting to be part of the show I tried to find a way around it, and stumbled into a Albergue which was not mentioned in my book. It was only matresses on the floor, but the ambiance was so pleasant, I decided that was fine!

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